Is Gray Hair Only For Granny?

When most of think of gray hair, we tend to think of our grannies. Recently however, gray/silver hair has become a fad popping up on runways and the red carpet. No longer is gray hair considered for grannies only. Some can go au natural, or some of us, such as Kelly Osbourn & Kate Moss, actually dye their hair gray to keep up with the trend.

In past times, we’ve associated gray hair with aging, so why are young celebrities and models crazy over this over-the-hill color trend? In the ever-evolving world of fashion, there is only so much you can do differently, so going gray is considered risky, yet sexy; it can add edginess to your look and is especially appropriate if you happen to be going gray anyway.
For those who can pull it off, like Lady Gaga, it makes aging appear more glamorous and less fearful. If you can’t beat them, join them! Go all gray, add gray streaks, or go gray-dient by keeping darker shades of gray at the tips and lightening as you move up to the root.
What are your thoughts? Is this look for you? Do you find it attractive? Sexy? Too granny-like?

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